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A fish out of water reworked...

A while ago I made a series of 12 "Fish Out Of Water" prints for a print exchange I was contributing to. I got some really nice pieces in return and  all in all it was pretty successful.

During the week I found the block again amongst  my old blocks and started reworking it, not really even considering a new run. I've used a new paper, ink and colour for this and will most likely be trying a few more over the next while.



What's the story John Dory...

Always been fascinated by John Dory, mad pointy colourful prehistoric looking flat fish who think they're not with projectile mouths that have to be seen in action to be believed.

This began life as a one colour print but as I worked on it I decided to start a second block and work very loosely on what would become a second colour. I like the brown /yellow combo I did the finished print in but have a feeling there will be a lot more variants in the future.


A perfect collaboration...

"Dad, you know that bread, wine and salt is a thing.. you can give it to people when they get a new house. It's for good luck, you should do a lino print of it"
"Honestly I've never heard of that but why don't you do it Cal ?"
"OK, I will"

And so he began but like lot's of things when you're 9 he spotted a squirrel and was on to his next adventure. A few months pass and I see it on one of the shelves, it's too good to just sit there on the chance he'll come back to it, I'll carve and print it, a truly collaborative print and one that I.. we could be very proud of !


Big fella gets proofed...

Part of a larger piece I've been working on for over a year now. Finally finished carving this part and got a proof off, think I'll put it aside for a little and start laying out the rest of the design.

Some pieces come together really fast, a day or two and I'm printing. Others can take a lot longer and need lots of time to mature !


My trusty bottle jack press...

Making this Bottle Jack Press made my life a million times easier when it came to printing, it's a must for anyone into relief printing. A big thanks to Charles G. Morgan's design which with just a few minor tweaks gave me a reliable and essential addition to my studio.

Charles G. Morgan 2009, full instructions here...